Traffic Doors

Rolling Steel Doors
We install, service and repair all makes and models of impact traffic doors also known as swing doors, double-acting doors, industrial doors, rubber doors, solid core doors and bump doors.

These doors are ideal for areas that require maximized movement of personnel and/or material between two areas of a commercial or retail facility. They also assist in security of product, environmental and climate control and/or cleanliness due to the no lever or knob system. Various models have specific features that not only provide an added cosmetic appeal to an area but meet specific needs for each application.

Some examples of applications are: manufacturing, food processing, retail and big box stores, public transit/stations & government facilities, parking garages and offices.

The following are some examples of traffic doors that we install:

  • Retail/Big Box Stores application: Series 1500
  • Food Prep/Processing Facilities: Series 4300
  • Industrial uses: Series 4000

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